Trying to Get Rid of Your Car? 

Sell It To Us With No Obligation to Purchase

If you're in the process of trying to sell your car, the experts at Crowley Nissan can help. It can be hard to sell your car, which is why Crowley wants to make it easier by buying your car from you, no strings attached and no matter the make or model. We offer two options: sell your car to us and we'll pay you or you'll receive trade-in credit.

Sell Your Car and Get Paid

When selling your car to Crowley Nissan, we offer the option to simply pay you for your vehicle. This way, you'll skip all the troublesome steps such as trying to find a buyer. After we appraise your vehicle, we'll give you an offer and then pay you. It really is that simple! You won't have to worry about advertising your car or scheduling test drives. Bring your car to Crowley Nissan and we'll take care of the rest.

Sell Your Vehicle for Credit Towards Your Purchase

If you are in the market for a new car, you'll need to get rid of your current vehicle and Crowley Nissan can help because another option we offer is using the value of your current car towards trade-in credit. Bring your car to Crowley Nissan and we'll give you your trade-in value. Then you can apply this to your new vehicle purchase. Getting a trade-in value on your used car is a simple way to get a new car without having to worry about selling your old one. 

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